Financial Review Services

Financial Review

We will carry out a financial performance review of your business. This will be in the form of a detailed report which includes:

  • Graphs and charts illustrating how your business has performed this year.
  • Ratio analysis to highlight areas of strength and weakness detailed commentary advising you which areas of the business can be improved.
Business Start-ups Services

Business Startups

We can provide you with just the company you need and deal with all the necessary registrations to enable you to commence trading.

We also advice on the best company structure to meet your business needs (soletrader, partnership or limited liability company).

Auditing Services Services

Auditing Services

If your company has an annual turnover of £6.5 million or more, then you are required by law to have your accounts audited.

We are registered to carry on audit work by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales. So, if your turnover doesn’t exceed the £6.5 million threshold, you might also consider an audit:

  • To help raise finance from financial institutions.
  • It is good practice and an excellent way of making sure the business is running efficiently.
  • To satisfy third parties who have an interest in your business such as shareholders, industry specific reasons, non-executive directors etc.
Services Taxation Services

Taxation Services

Our taxation services include:

Personal Tax

  • Preparing and submitting self-assessment tax returns
  • Preparing and submitting partnership returns
  • Planning your personal taxes to reduce liabilities
  • Sorting out taxes from dividend income
  • Dealing with HM Revenue & Customs on a daily basis

Business Tax

  • Tax planning for the self-employed and contractors
  • Advising on the trading structure of your business (sole trader, partnership, limited company etc)

Company or Corporation Tax

  • Corporate tax planning
  • Filing tax returns by the appropriate deadlines
  • Completing and submitting the CT600 company tax return
  • Dealing with HM Revenue & Customs
  • Undertaking tax calculations for small, medium and large size companies
  • Considering the use of capital allowances within the business
  • Taking into account husband and wife owned companies
  • Setting up payments on account for larger companies

Capital Gains Tax

  • Advising on making the best use of the allowances available
  • Identifying and minimising your tax burden from the disposal of properties and/or investments

Inheritance Tax

  • Planning to limit the taxable amount payable on your or your families’ death
  • Linking IHT into the probate
  • Considering the options for succession of a business or personal wealth

Value Added Tax

  • Preparing and submitting VAT returns
  • Helping to register or de-register businesses
  • Identifying and advising VAT pitfalls

Stamp Duty Land Tax

  • Giving advice on the disposal of a property
  • Ensuring landlords who set up leases are aware of the tax liabilities

Tax Investigations

  • We will be pleased to assist you in case of any tax enquiry or investigated and would defend you in front of the tax man
  • We are happy to help you defend yourself in any disputes with HMRC

Other areas of tax we can help you with

  • Overseas tax – we cover many countries including China, USA, Brazil & Africa.
Company Secretarial Services

Company Secretarial Services

We can take on the role of your company secretary and carry out the relevant tasks including

  • The formation of a company
  • Undertaking company searches
  • Preparing and filing all the statutory returns
  • Preparing minutes and resolutions
  • Handling share transfers and the issuing of shares
  • Arranging capital reorganisation and dividends

The company secretarial role is a potential minefield. We can help steer you through it and make sure everything is filed correctly and on time. We have also helped some companies who have faced being struck off by Companies House when they have not had the right paperwork in place – the message is not to leave it till the last minute!

Profit Forecasts Services

Profit Forecasts

Your business would benefit from up to date accounts to satisfy the following activities:

  • If you are looking to raise finance through grants, funding sources or financial institutions
  • Providing your bank with confidence in your business if they have provided funding
  • An assessment of the business’ performance for your directors or shareholders
Payroll Services Services

Payroll Services

If your business isn’t large enough to warrant a separate payroll function; or you don’t want staff knowing the salaries of others; or if you haven’t got the time or resources to operate an efficient payroll system we will be pleased to help you in this area.

We have the expertise and facilities to enable us to handle relevant payroll-related work including:

  • Calculating PAYE and National Insurance
  • Completing annual P11D forms for benefits in kind to individuals and P35 annual return forms for companies
  • Arranging the payment for your staff
  • Completing BACS forms etc.
Accounting Services Services

Accounting Services

We will provide complete accountancy services to match your needs. From sole traders and partnerships to large companies, you can be sure of a professional and timely service at all times.

Specific activities we can undertake for you include

  • Bookkeeping to ensure your records are accurately maintained in a timely fashion.
  • Year-end accounts preparation, including non-audited company accounts
  • Management accounts preparation
  • Cash flow setting and updating


Most people who start up in business do so because they have a good business proposition, not because they are experts in the financial aspects of running a business. These factors can often be quite daunting to the entrepreneur and this is where we can help by evaluating your ideas and helping you develop them into a feasible business.

We offer

  • Payroll services
  • Bookkeeping and Accounting services
  • Company Secretarial services
  • Financial Performance Review
  • Taxation services
  • Business start-up

We can also help you

  • Decide on the most suitable structure for your business (i.e. sole trader, partnership or limited company)
  • Prepare a business plan, cashflow projections, budgets and trading forecasts to prove the financial viability of your ideas and demonstrate this to the bank / potential investors
  • Assess your finance requirements and access the most appropriate source of finance
  • Help you establish relationships with banks, solicitors, etc via our well established network of contacts
  • Carry out registration procedures with Companies House, Inland Revenue or Customs and Excise
  • Set up an internal accounting system which complies with statutory requirements

Call us for a free initial consultation to find out how we can help your ideas become reality.